Solving for My Happiness

Yesterday was my birthday and I treated myself to a 2-day course, called Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat.  It was my gift to myself. 

I felt a bit guilty and naughty when I signed up. 2 days? Two whole work days? My inner voice screamed “What are you thinking???  You’re starting a company, you have a “to do” list that doesn’t stop growing, emails you’ve yet to return, and deadlines each day”.  You get the point and can undoubtedly relate because your life is just as busy and chaotic.

Yet, for two days I sat, actively listened, unplugged from work and let myself be taught by another human being (and the other students in the room).  Thankfully, it was practical and logical since I don’t do touchy feely, kumbaya stuff well.  I’m a logical, linear, capitalist with a moral compass and a low tolerance for the impractical or the stupid.

I listened to his wisdom, his experiences, his struggles and most importantly what was in his heart.  It was amazing!   I’ll let you discover the gems of wisdom and happiness tools in his work via the site , but I will quickly share a few beautiful things that happened.

  • I walked away empowered to prioritize happiness
  • My joy of women and startups was reaffirmed
  • I was challenged to accept that I am not my failures, my fears, my achievements or my possessions
  • I witnessed the depth of a friend’s kindness (Thank you Rhonda!)
  • And lastly, while doing one of the homework assignments on my commute home, I heard a baby giggle, saw some cool tattoos and just enjoyed the walking and having the sun warm my skin.

What does this have to do with the Harriet Fund or entrepreneurship or investing or technology?  EVERYTHING!!!

My happiness, your happiness, and our collective happiness is critical to EVERYTHING! Its tough being a successful entrepreneur, smart investor, big thinker, global citizen, or just a decent person surrounded by healthy, loving relationships without happiness in your life.

So my gift or wish for you is that you prioritize your happiness.  And may you do at least three (its my favorite number) things this weekend or week that make YOU really HAPPY.