80% of All new women led businesses are from women of color. Women of color are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, with companies that deliver market returns and positive economic impact to their communities. Black and Latina women-led firms represent:

Growth versus the national average



in revenues in 2015

2015 Revenues

Multicultural Purchasing Power

Despite the talent, profits and impact being created, the financial markets fall woefully short of providing investors access to this segment and allocating critical early stage funding, i.e. Venture Capital to Black and Latina entrepreneurs.


Of 10,000 Venture Capital deals only 24 were Black women led startups. That is statistically ZERO!

Average funding of a typical start-up


Average funding raised by a Black woman

THINK of the creativity, innovation and new technologies solving real market problems, if just one of the women received the $1.3 Million that the average (white male) start-up does.

We can! We mentor, coach and invest in Black and Latina Women start-ups.