Through our partnership with digitalundivided, we have exclusive access to the largest pipeline of top Black and Latina women led startups. We know who they are, where they’re located and whether or not they have companies that can scale to success. Furthermore, we leverage over 20+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, investment, deal flow creation, finance and due diligence to directly invest in the fastest growing segment of the entrepreneurial world and the amazing potential and profits it represents.

This competitive advantage will be a game changer in your investment portfolio. Unlike traditional investors, our deep understanding of the founders, the opportunities, markets, strengths and challenges allows us to unlock growth and returns that we can all be proud of. 

We provide amazing access to companies and founders not currently in your network and to back deals on the same terms we negotiate.

Furthermore, through #ProjectDiane, the groundbreaking study on women of color and tech entrepreneurship, we have the only database and tracking data on Black and Latina women startups. No one else has this data on the characteristics of successful women of color founders.